Monday, January 25, 2010

Scope Buggy

The biggest pain about having a large telescope is hauling it outdoors to do your viewing.

So now I am considering building my very own scope buggy i.e. a platform with wheels to that I can easily push it out to the lawn and start viewing almost immediately.

My usual set up time can take up to 30 minutes and I do hope to reduce that by half.


オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

Hi ! Just came across your website.
I was just wondering where can I go to in Kuala Lumpuur to buy a good telescope for my friend's really bright kids who simply love the stars.

How much does it cost anyway?

Please help.


P/s : Keep blogging. Will introduce your site to the kids.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am leong here from Penang, I am interested on Meade LT-6. can I know any dealer in malaysia. Thanks & Regards

012-488 9722

Orion said...

You can get your telescopes from 2 companies in Malaysia - Infinitiy Infocus and Stargazer Scientific. Price can range from a few hundred to more than RM10,000.

Anonymous said...

Hi there...first of all, congratulation to you for having an astronomy blogsite made in Malaysia!
For a start, i'm a stargazer..really but know nuts 'bout astronomies. Have a daughter showing a deep interest in astronomy and i don't want her to end up like me just as a, i am wondering / looking for a group, society or whatever we call it to join them and sharing the interest (actually nak belajar :P)..besides asking for some tips in buying her first telescope...she's 16...and i thank you so much to anyone who is willing to share with me their tots.
Happy to come here..!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious at Shah Alam (if the listing's is correct), how do you get an acceptable view of the sky with such horrible sky conditions and light pollution? I'm at USJ and I've already given up on night observations 20 yrs ago. Any trick or advice to do this? Even mag 2 objects are a stretch on naked eyes, although someone suggested I work on the moon; alas, I'm no fan of Sir Patrick Moore. BTW, I got my Norton's Star Atlas epoch 1950 from BC nearly 30 yrs ago, also in tatters but my portable epoch 2000 maps in Peterson's field guide comes in rather handy, albeit the small prints.

Anonymous said...

have u made ur scope buggy?

Anonymous said...

Leong - if u have not got ur scope yet, there is a telescope dealer in Penang based in Bukit Jambul complex. U can contact him - Mr Lim of Perseid Telescopes

Ramon said...

Im just wondering if you guys have a group that gathers for stargazing sessions?

If so, where?

Suzie said...

Am from Yayasan Angkasawan Malaysia. Am interested in conducting an astronomy module with primary & secondary school kids. Pls contact me @ as soon as possible

Kiopy said...

hey, my son is going to be $ years old,Dylan. He loves planets and outer space. I want to bring him to talk to some people about this and see how to explore his interest further. Is there like a Astronomy Club for kids? I can be contacted at


hi ! my name is nur qistina amalin. I am a 16 years old student studying in a fully residential school in malaysia. I am very interested in astronomy and currently doing some research on light pollution, that cause limitation for human to enjoy the beautiful night sky. I am searching a mentor in Malaysia to guide me further. Could you recommend any names or maybe youself to help me with my research ?
I am also currently trying my hardest to create awareness among Malaysian about light pollution. I really hope you can help me. Thank you ! :)